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So I've decided.....

everyone needs a little visual stimulation of Jeff every once in a while, right? RIGHT! So, I've decided that I'm going to post two pictures. I took one of the pictures and I found another one from the "Punk Rock Holocaust" movie.

Junk in the Trunk!
Ok, so this isn't of his face or him showing his musical ability, but sue me, I like taking butt pictures!

Punk Rock Holocaust
This is from the movie "Punk Rock Holocaust". I believe this is when they were getting Jeff ready to attach the neck of a guitar to his back.

Ok, that's all, I just thought this community needed a little boost.
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That is wonderful!!! :) And hey its another ass pic!! Yesterday I saw of one of Pat! haha
When you're that close to someone's ass, you just have to take a picture, it's impossible not to!
The second picture is so going up on my wall, Jeff's looking really hot like always.